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Methyl acetate

1.Product quality index
2.Packaging and transportation: railway and tank car; 200L full plastic or 200L galvanization drum (165-180Kg/drum)
3.Physicochemical property
English name: Methyl acetatae,Acetic acid methyl ester
Molecular formula: CH3COOCH3
Molecular weight: 74.08
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Boiling point: 57.8°C
Density: 0.933(water=1)
Melting point: -98.7°C
Saturated vapor pressure: 13.33/9.4°C
Solubility: lightly soluble in water; mixing soluble in ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether and other organic solvent

Structural formula:
4 Toxicity / safety:
1. Low toxicity. Flammable, ignite 454, its vapor can form explosive mixtures with air, heat or open flames of fire, explosion hazard;
2. Has anesthetic and stimulating effect, contact with the product vapors cause eye burning sensation, tearing, dyspnea, palpitations, depression, dizziness, etc., can cause optic nerve atrophy, such as splashed or adhered to the skin, they must immediately with water rinse;
3. The contact with the oxidant violent reaction.
5. Acceptance:
1. Before products manufactured by our company, quality inspection departments sampling and testing to ensure product quality certificate in line with our corporate standards and issued;
2. The user is entitled to in accordance with our corporate standards acetate received quality inspection, such as users of the product quality objection, should receive the product within one month, the two sides negotiated settlement;
3. User-supplied packaging should be intact, clean, dry, non-polluting, in line with the storage and use requirements. When the user to transportation products, the right to obtain product quality certificates. If the user of the batch product quality objection, may request on the spot together in our products tank retest samples, if qualified by testing Quality Index, inspection costs borne by the user. Once the product after loading the user-supplied containers, quality responsibility by the users themselves, the company will not be accepted.

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